Intypedia Team

Jorge Ramió

Jorge Ramió

Jorge Ramió has a PhD in Telecommunications Engineering by the Technical University of Madrid in Spain where he currently holds a position as full Professor and is dedicated to Cryptography and Information Security since 1993. Previously, he held several academic positions at various universities in Chile, where he had lived part of his childhood and commenced his tertiary studies.

In December of 1999, after several get-togethers with colleagues from other universities about collaboration and knowledge sharing in the Security field, he created the 10-year-old Thematic Network CRIPTORED, from where over 1,600,000 freeware documents have been downloaded.

Jorge is author of the Electronic Book on Information Security and Cryptography which had been downloaded 85.000 times by September 2010, from the web server of the CRIPTORED network. Jorge Ramió is creator of the Ibero-American Congresses on Information Security (CIBSI) and Director of a course organized by DISI (the Spanish version of the Computer Security Day). These are some of the things he dedicates his time to when he is not teaching at the UPM or at Latin American universities.

One day, Professor Ramió had the idea of creating Intypedia, a visual Encyclopaedia of Information Security supported by documents in Spanish and in English with the help of magnificent collaborators... So, here they are now.

Alfonso Muñoz

Alfonso Muñoz

Alfonso Muñoz received his PhD in Telecommunications Engineering from the Technical University of Madrid where he is currently a Research Fellow in projects related to Information Security.

Since 2003, he has worked in public organizations and private companies dedicated to this field. Alfonso has published more than 20 articles for several international scientific congresses and his recent works focus on steganography and steganalysis.

This could have been just a small presentation, but he's preferred to add his own words: "They say that in life there are few little things which you can be really proud of, the rest are only curricula. I truly think that this project is one of the former and that we have created a new quality way of spreading knowledge. There has been a lot of effort put into this project, although there is a lot of room for improvement. The complicated part has been done. The impossible will be achieved."

Ángel Castillo

Angel Castillo

Ángel Castillo studied Audiovisual Communication at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and a Multimedia Technician Degree at the Centro Universitario Francisco de Vitoria.

Before he became part of the Intypedia project, he didn't know much about cryptology. The word security popped into his mind images of tough guys, safe boxes, bicycle locks and armoured doors.

This goes to show that he may not have known much about cryptology, but ángel does know a lot about images. And images are what he wanted to dedicate his life to, when he declined a bright future as a mathematician.

After working over seven years in several advertisement production companies, having participated in some filming projects and after seeing how many more promises were broken, ángel decided to start up his own production company ( and continue creating images: static, moving, real, synthesis imaging and whatever image type is yet to be invented, always accompanied by a good soundtrack: illusion.

Illusion, images, creativity and good humour is what he says that he will be contributing to this project. In fact, he is not just saying it, but committing to it.