Electronic Book about Computer Security and Cryptography

version 4.0 March the 1st 2005
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1,028 Power Point animated slides that allow paper printig
105 pages Word document about Classic Cryptography

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Computing Universitary School
Technical University of Madrid - Spain

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Paper edition version 4.0 - ISBN: 84-86451-69-8 (2005)
  • Electronic Book

    • Author: Jorge Ramió Aguirre
    • Last updating of file: March the 1st 2005
    • Translation by Mercedes Sánchez Rodríguez: July 2006
    • Power Point 1,028 slides
    • CompSecCrypt_v4.zip file size: 6.8 MBytes

  • Power Point Documents

         File: 01IntroduceCourse. Introduction to the course and electronic book v4.0
         File: 02BriefIntroCrypt. Brief and quick introduction to cryptography
         File: 03IntroCompSec. Introduction to Information Security
         File: 04QualityInfo. Information Quality and Viruses
         File: 05SecMangmnt. Introduction to Security Management
         File: 06TheoryInfo. Information Theory
         File: 07NumbersTheory. Numbers Theory
         File: 08AlgorihtmComp. Algorithmic Complexity Theory
         File: 09ClassicCipher. Classic Cipher Systems
         File: 10ModernCipher. Modern Cipher Systems
         File: 11StreamCipher. Stream Cipher Systems
         File: 12SymmetricCipher. Symmetric Block Cipher
         File: 13KnapsackCipher. Asymmetric Knapsack Cipher
         File: 14AsymmetricCipher. Asymmetric Exponential Cipher
         File: 15HashFunctions. Hash Functions in Cryptography
         File: 16SignAuthenticat. Digital Signature and Authentication
         File: 17DigitalCertPKC. Digital Certificates and PKCS Standard
         File: 18SecureMail. Secure Mail Applications
         File: 19CryptPrtocols. Protocols and Cryptographic Eschemes
         File: 20EllipticCurvs. Introduction to Elliptic Curves Cipher (Author: Dr. Josep María Miret Biosca, U. of Lleida - Spain)
         File: 21BibSWTablesOthers. Bibliography, Links, Tables, Software and Documents

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Animated Power Point slides.
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Classic Cryptography  Descargar en disco
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New spanish sixth edition v4.1 March, the 1st 2006: 1,106 slides
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